Study proves bariatric surgery improves sex drive

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Weight loss surgery can improve the testosterone (principal male sex hormone) and libido levels, proves as a study done by Mumbai bariatric surgeon. The study was accepted and will be presented in an upcoming medical conference in Canada.

Dr Sanjay Borude, bariatric surgeon, Breach Candy Hospital who conducted the study said,"This is the first attempt in India to study the link between testosterone and obesity. The study was accepted by International Federation for Surgery and Metabolic Diseases. I will be presenting it in the conference that will be held in Montreal, Canada between August 26-31."

Explaining the aim of the study, Dr Borude said that the effect of bariatric surgery on sex hormones and sexual function of morbidly obese men has been not studied well enough. "In 2008, it was partially studied in abroad. Therefore, we decided to have an Indian study," said Dr Borude.

According to Dr Borude, 19 obese men aged between 19-60 years were selected for the study who wanted to undergo bariatric surgery.

"The purpose of our study was to examine the effect of bariatric surgery-induced weight loss on total testosterone level and sexual function related to quality of life in morbidly obese men. We hypothesized that significant weight loss associated with bariatric surgery would have a positive correlation to total testosterone levels which will improve perceived sexual life," said Dr Borude.

During the study period, the selected patients were made to fill questionnaires and their testosterone levels were analysed.

"It is found that sex drive in morbidly obese men is very low and this leads to depression and vice versa. Testosterone levels were studied from the blood samples collected during the routine pre-operative tests. Patients were given the questionnaire to be filled in pre-operatively and during 3 to 6 months and 7 to 12 months period along with the blood samples. The data was formulated and we saw a positive improvement in the testosterone levels and sex drive," said Dr Borude.

Dr Borude concluded that apart from numerous health benefits of bariatric surgery including better management of blood sugar and cholestrol levels, the study proved that it can also increase the testosterone levels and enhance the sex drive.

Dr Ajay Bhandarwar, professor, general surgery, said, "International studies have shown that after the surgery, testosterone levels increase in males, but there was until now no study to prove this in Indian context. Most of the time, due to obesity, people suffer from infertility, but after the weight loss surgery we used to notice that their problems weaned away. This has been now scientifically proven in context of Asian population."

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Study proves bariatric surgery improves sex drive

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