Study says therapy for 'low T' comes with risk

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The number of men taking prescription testosterone over the past decade has sky rocketed. It promises to do everything from boost your energy to increase your libido, even help get rid of that spare tire around your waist. But along with it comes warnings.

A recent study found that despite the benefits of testosterone, some men should use it with caution. The study, along with others, shows prescription testosterone raised the risk of heart attacks in men with a history of heart disease, so it's pretty serious stuff.

But talk to men who are dealing with symptoms of low testosterone and they'll tell you their quality of life was pretty seriously lacking, until they got their testosterone replacement therapy.

"From the age of 50 on, for the most part, I noticed that my drive wasn't there," explained Bill Lane.

Lane has been active all his life, but when he hit that milestone age of 50, he says he noticed things were changing.

"I noticed a major decline in my sports performance, sleep factor, body fat," he said. Four years after feeling those symptoms, Lane finally saw Beaches Internist Dr. Anthony Capasso for a blood test. He said he was shocked to find out he had low testosterone.

"It was quite low for my age," he said.

Lane said he never thought he had low testosterone issue. However, Capasso says a lot of aging men may be running low on the hormone, but don't know it, even when they have symptoms.

Capasso says those symptoms include, "Fatigue, poor sleep, joint pain, and if they're really low you'll see problems with libido or erectile issues.Oh"

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Study says therapy for 'low T' comes with risk

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