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By: Shannon Clark

Ever wonder if your sex life has to come at the expense of your ability to build muscle mass in the gym? Find out the answers here!

Date Added: Jun 30, 2010

By: Sebastian Balcombe

Testosterone impacts more than your muscles and sex drive; it can affect your physiology, career, and relationships. Give yourself an "Edge" with this complete guide to testosterone.

Date Added: Jul 30, 2015

By: Keagan Kiely, CISSN

Natural test boosters claim to stimulate your body to produce more testosterone to support muscle growth. Find out which ingredients will deliver the best results!

Date Added: Jul 24, 2015

By: Alex Savva

It's no secret that testosterone is the holy grail of male hormones. Here's how to boost your T-levels naturally and safely.

Date Added: Mar 2, 2015

By: Matthew Kadey, MS, RD

You've heard of superfoods? Nothing's more super for a hard-training lifter than foods that support testosterone production!

Date Added: Jan 12, 2015

By: Ric Drasin

Wildly popular when first released likely due to a rash of purported claims by manufacturers and retailers, this hormonal precursor has recently fell out of the mainstream spotlight, yet remains controversial. Ric's suggestion: it still works. Add it to your arsenal for a range of benefits from maintaining mass to cutting body fat.

Date Added: Aug 2, 2011

By: Shannon Clark

If your diet isn't up to par and you aren't doing what you can to maximize growth hormone and testosterone, your efforts will not be fully realized. Learn more.

Date Added: May 11, 2010

By: Topic Of The Week

How can one increase their testosterone levels? Learn about testosterone what symptoms you might experience with low testosterone, and what some tips on raising it to normal levels. Read on for more...

Date Added: Nov 2, 2006

By: Hugo Rivera

Learn more about testosterone and why it is so important to our bodies, especially the bodybuilder. Below I list some of the maladies and top natural supplements to boost testosterone levels. Learn more and try them out!

Date Added: Jun 22, 2006

By: Fawnia Dietrich

Gamma Oryzanol works on the hypothalamus which, through its control of the pituitary gland governs a number of the body's automatic functions, including testosterone and estrogen levels. Learn more about it right here!

Date Added: Dec 6, 2005

By: Planet Muscle

The connection between the testes and vigor has been known since the first written medical texts.

Date Added: Sep 17, 2002

By: Big Cat

Testosterone Potentiators - How do they work? Should you take them? ZMA, Prohormone, more!

Date Added: May 23, 2001

Core Value #1: Always be truthful and honest in every aspect of business.

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