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For a list of supplements to take to boost testosterone, see the increasing testosterone supplement stack.

Testosterone boosters are a class of herbal or otherwise legal supplements that aim to increase levels of Testosterone in the body. This page discusses all compounds either marketed as or investigated for their usage as testosterone boosters or pro-androgenic compounds. For this reason, entries below may not actually boost testosterone. Many of the compounds below do indeed boost testosterone levels in some studies, but others either require hypogonadism or are just aphrodisiacs.

Note on Aromatase Inhibitors

A novel mechanism of increasing testosterone in men is through inhibiting the aromatase enzyme (also known as CYP1A1/2). This enzyme serves many purposes, one of which is to convert androgens (like testosterone) to estrogens. For more, see: anti-estrogen/aromatase inhibitors.

Inhibiting the enzyme itself can increase testosterone and lower estrogen. Aromatase inhibitors can be useful as single supplements to take in order to switch the body to a more androgenic state.

Increasing testosterone by other means, such as hypothalamic stimulation (see: D-Aspartic Acid and possibly Anacyclus pyrethrum), can yield more testosterone independent of this enzyme, and the enzyme's activity may be increased to compensate. In this scenario, supplementation with an aromatase inhibitor may be prudent to avoid the increase in estrogen caused by the increase in testosterone. It may not be needed (in the truest sense of the word) with nutraceuticals, but would still be a good idea regardless.

'Steroids' (the vague societal term for illicit drugs)

In regards to 'cycling' testosterone boosters, it is always a good idea to do so. Some of them do have side-effects that could be problematic if used excessively (Bulbine natalensis) and some have benign but undesirable side-effects only associated with prolonged usage (chronic usage of high doses of Ginger). Many others don't have these 'bad effects' since they are not studied as much, so it would still be prudent to cycle them.

Things that act in the testicles have adverse effects on the testicles like atrophy and may reduce HPTA stimulation over time if used too much, while compounds that act in the hypothalamus can cause symptoms of what people call 'adrenal fatigue' (vague enough term) where the hypothalamus starts to fatigue. Possible reason why abuse of D-Aspartic Acid, anecdotally, is associated with fatigue and ennui rather than mini-balls.

Anywho, this page is catered towards including every testosterone boosting 'supplement' that is claimed regardless of its actual efficacy in doing so; a very broad meta-page. For a concentrated list of the more promising ones, please refer to our testosterone boosting 'stack' page

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Testosterone Booster - Scientific Review on Usage, Dosage ...

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