Testosterone boosters testosterone pills or testosterone supplements are scams

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on January 4th, 2018

The best way to boost your testosterone is with intense cardio and weight training exercise, if this fails you should seek a testosterone hormone physician who can prescribe testosterone in the form of a cream, gel or injectable.

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You can not put testosterone in your body through pills, powders or supplements, they would destroy your liver. They have found that if you took testosterone in the form of pills most of it would never get into your body as your liver would filter most of it out and your liver would be destroyed in the process. The only way to put testosterone in your body is via a transdermal cream or it do an intramuscular IM injection of testosterone. Do not be fooled by all these flash label companies hawking testosterone pills, testosterone supplements, testosterone powders and other testosterone boosters that are nothing more than placebo scams. So don't worry about side effect of nugenix on your liver as much you just got suckered into buy vitamin pills.

Most testosterone boosters are really nothing more than amino acid stacks, vitamins, or minerals, put in pill or powder form - these are typically scams, save your money and buy vitamins from a reputable online source. Web sites like trynugenix.com or nugenix.com offer vitamin supplements to increase your testosterone and many people fall for this scam. Testosterone comes from a hormone cascade beginning with cholesterol, not vitamins. Keep reading information on our web site to learn how to get real testosterone replacement injections and what you can naturally do to boost your testosterone levels.

If you want to get testosterone replacement therapy from a legitimate testosterone replacement therapy clinic visit the testosterone treatment clinic for men at http://www.testosterone.me

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