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Most of the women who have passed the age of menopause always loose their sex desire. The testosterone cream is used in order to raise the level of sexual desire in women. Women who have used birth control pills for a long time have their hormones become imbalanced thus the need to balance the hormones using the testosterone cream. In order to balance the estrogen and the testosterone hormones, testosterone cream is used as part of testosterone therapy process.

We have different range of the testosterone cream. We have both the topical and also the generic kind of testosterone. The women testosterone cream has different level of strength and each patient is prescribed the level of testosterone cream according to the level that she is missing in the body. We have the mild testosterone cream that has the least level of strength and it is prescribed for those who need just a small boast of the testosterone hormones. The strong testosterone cream is used for those who need a very high level of the testosterone hormones level.

There are many causes of testosterone becoming low or becoming imbalanced in women. The main reason is when a woman reaches the age of menopause and for those women who use birth control pills. In order for the doctor to prescribe for you the testosterone cream you need to have your level of hormones tested. Most of doctors do not perform tests on those women who are below 35 years unless there is a strong reason. Once the doctor has done tests he will determine the strength of testosterone cream that you need to use in order to be effective.

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Testosterone Cream for Women - Get Free Offer Today

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