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Too low or too high testosterone levels in the body can result in a number of physical and mental ailments in men and women. Keeping a balanced testosterone level in the body is ideal, but one should be careful while using testosterone cream when dealing with such a thin margin of error.

If you have ovarian disorders, are past menopause or have had your ovaries removed, your doctor may recommend a hormone treatment such...

Testosterone is a very important hormone in the body. It functions to preserve muscle mass, bone health and energy and is a...

What Are the Negative Side Effects of Taking Testosterone Cream? ... Benefit of Testosterone Cream. Men and women produce the hormone testosterone...

Testosterone Cream Side Effects; What Are the Dangers of Testosterone Cream? Side Effects of Testosterone Cream in Women; You May Also Like....

Testosterone Side Effects in Men. Testosterone is a sex hormone that is critical to the normal development of men, ... Side Effects...

Testosterone is a hormone produced by males and females. It's found in the male testes in abundance; it's located in women's ovaries...

According to Drugs.com, the possible side effects of testosterone gel therapy include acne, a reaction where the gel is applied, an increase...

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Testosterone Cream Side Effects | eHow

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