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No, that's not true that with the help of the testosterone cream your penis will grown. There isn't any products, creams or pills until today, which really works or can do it.

They're all not approved from the FDA and no clinical tests have been done in long term use. It's a simply fact because they will not work, that's the truth.

You can't influence your penissize by your own, it's all genetic and from the nature. The only way which is succesful it's penis surgery, but it has some side effects, too.

Testosterone cream or gel can only give you the doctor by prescritpiton, he will give you only if you have low testosterone and not for other use.

If you don't need it really, it has the same side effects like testosterone injections. The dosages aren't high as the testosterone injections, but in long term use they are the same.

It's better to take it with medical attention.

Here some informations about it:

Here my experience with Androgel:

AndroGel is the first-ever testosterone replacement gel to be approved by the FDA for replacement therapy in men for conditions associated with low testosterone. Low testosterone, also known as hypogonadism, affects approximately four to five million American men. The condition is linked with diminished interest in sex, impotence, reduced lean body mass, decreased bone density and lowered mood and energy levels. The unique method of transport (rub in gel) offers many benefits. Those traumatized by needles will surely enjoy rubbing in testosterone to the skin, apposed to injecting it intra-muscularly.

My results with the Androgel have been very satisfactory. I'm having an increase in libido, increased frequency of AM erections (nearly daily), increased flaccid penile volume, and increased duration and turgidity of erections. Intercourse is more satisfying, and has been much more frequent.

I was on a body-building program before starting Androgel, and I have continued the program while on it. I've increased the mass lifted on all major muscle group exercises by at least 20 pounds, and in the case of leg press, by almost 200. Muscle mass is increased, and body composition has dropped to 8% body fat.

Recovery time seems to be reduced, and I'm able to do cardio daily without excessive fatigue. BP is normal 130/80; pulse is 55-60; resp. 10-12. I've had to buy several sets of pants and belts over the last 3 months, but I promised myself I wouldn't ever complain about that! My mood seems to be more consistently elevated, but that could just be feeling good from the other changes. And my appetite has increased to be more like that of a twenty year old. I don't remember eating like this when I was a teenager. I think that about covers it. You can see why I am reluctant to run out of Androgel.

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Testosterone Cream??? | Yahoo Answers

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