Testosterone eye cream The Dry Eye Zone

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I've seen a few responses in other posts from people who have tried the eye cream and think it has had limited results. Would love to hear from everyone who has tried it and the results they have seen. I am interested, with or without a heavy beard! LOL I'll try just about anything.

And what type of dry eye did the people have who said the eye cream had limited results?

Since there are many different types of dry eye. I could see a treatment like testosterone working for some, but not for others. Kinda like with Restasis, or plugs. That is assuming the research is sound on testosterone and tear gland function.

Though I also wonder if the length of time of having dry eyes affects at to what level of relief one could get from say the testosterone cream. i.e. damage already too far advanced.

Though on the other hand, it could be one of those things, depending on the individual, that it could take time for it to work. i.e. time to repair damage or allow damage to heal. So, if that is the case, people could give up on it before it's had time to work.

I'm just guessing at this point though.

I found a place that say they've prescribed the eye cream. It's just soo far away.

Though, I've been on testosterone gel treatment before in the past for low testosterone. Something like Androgel. And I was almost thinking of using that, but that stuff has alcohol in it and probably wouldn't even work correctly.

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Testosterone eye cream The Dry Eye Zone

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