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Testosterone is not approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for treating sexual problems in women. At this time, there is no testosterone pill, patch, or cream approved for women in the U.S. Those made for men have too high a dose for women. But your doctor may prescribe testosterone in a compounded formula, which is a medicine made just for you by a pharmacist.

Testosterone is known as a "male" hormone, or androgen. It also is made in small amounts by a woman's adrenal glands and ovaries. A woman's testosterone is highest around age 20 and slowly declines with age.1

Testosterone therapy raises testosterone levels in the body. But testosterone is only FDA-approved for use in men.

Methyltestosterone probably does not work in the body and the brain like natural testosterone does. It does not directly raise a woman's testosterone levels. And it cannot be measured in the blood like natural testosterone.

Methyltestosterone. This hormone product is sometimes also prescribed to menopausal women for improving sexual desire and response.

Testosterone is an experimental treatment used to raise a woman's sexual interest, arousal, and satisfaction. Women with low androgen levels who might benefit from low-dose testosterone therapy include those who:

Do not take testosterone if you:

Some experts advise against using testosterone therapy for women who have not reached menopause.2

There is not strong enough evidence to support the use of testosterone for improving menopausal symptoms.3 But for women who no longer have ovaries (or whose ovaries are not working), testosterone with estrogen therapy has been shown to slightly increase sexual desire.4

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