Testosterone-fuelled elephant fights black rhino as she protects her calf

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Large male elephant attacked female rhino which was protecting its calf It charged at the rhino and flipped it onto its back, leaving its legs in the air Continued to roll the defenceless animal around and crush it with its weight Rhino managed to get back up, but sadly died from its injuries days later Stunning images captured by amateur photographer Louis Kok and his wife

By Alex Finnis for MailOnline

Published: 05:57 EST, 22 September 2014 | Updated: 07:20 EST, 22 September 2014



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They are two giants of the animal kingdom, but that did not stop this male elephant and black rhino from clashing dramatically in a fearsome fight at a park in Africa.

Amateur photographer Louis Kok and his wife Marthie captured these extraordinary photographs of the large elephant attacking the female rhino - flipping it into its back and leaving it with its legs in the air.

The couple from Pretoria, South Africa, were photographing a rhino cow and her calf when the testosterone-fuelled, one-tusked elephant approached.

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Testosterone-fuelled elephant fights black rhino as she protects her calf

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