Testosterone Injections for Low-T and Andropause

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on March 23rd, 2024
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Testosterone Injections for Low-T and Andropause

Whatever you call it—Hypogonadism, Andropause, or Low-T—Testosterone Deficiency is no laughing matter, nor is it something that you should feel any embarrassment about. There are several highly effective treatments for Testosterone Deficiency, and one of the oldest and most reliable is Injectable Testosterone Therapy.

Testosterone Injections are physician-prescribed and deliver between three days and three weeks of Testosterone in a single shot, dependent upon the formulation.

The most oft-prescribed form of Low-T Injection in the United States in known as Testosterone Cypionate, and it is designed to be injected once every seven to ten days for maximum effectiveness.

How Do Testosterone Injections Work?

Low-T Injections work by directly supplementing your body's supply of Testosterone with a Recombinant, Bio-Identical form of the hormone that is produced by a pharmaceutical manufacturer or compounding pharmacy. Testosterone Injections, for the most part, are ester compounds.

Esterization is a process by which Bio-Identical Testosterone is chemically linked to an ester compound in order to slow down the rate by which the body absorbs the medication.


This is why Testosterone Injections last as long as they do. Testosterone is normally absorbed quickly and readily by the human body, but when combined to an ester, it “locks” the Testosterone in a dormant state until it is freed from the bond created between the two compounds.

The half-life of a Testosterone Injection is directly correlated with the size of the ester compound that is attached—the larger the ester, the longer it takes for the Testosterone delivered in a single injection to be fully absorbed by the body.

How Are Testosterone Shots Given?

Injectable Testosterone is delivered intramuscularly, meaning that the medication is delivered directly into muscle tissue. Testosterone is generally delivered in an oil suspension.

Intramuscular Testosterone Injections are delivered with a needle that is 22-23 gauge, and with a needle that is from 1-1.5 inches long, depending on the size of the muscle and the amount of tissue covering the fat. Testosterone Injections can be delivered to a number of different muscle groups, but are often delivered into the thigh, gluteal muscle, biceps, or deltoids.

Testosterone Injection Dosage

Testosterone Dosage depends upon a few different factors. For example, the severity of your deficiency will warrant a particular concentration of Testosterone for maximum benefit.

Also, the particular type of Testosterone Injection you are prescribed will affect the dosage, because both the size of the ester and the length of time between doses will alter the amount of Testosterone that you are prescribed per administration.

The goal of Testosterone Therapy is not to unnecessarily elevate Testosterone Levels, but to bring Testosterone Levels up to healthy concentrations associated with those experienced during the twenties and thirties.

Generally, the goal of the prescription will be to increase Testosterone Levels to what is considered mid-normal for a young and healthy man. The older that a man gets, the more sensitive that he becomes to Testosterone, so patients over the age of sixty will often start out at a lower dose, and increase dosage as needed.

Testosterone Injection Benefits

For men with Clinical Testosterone Deficiency of any kind, Testosterone Injections can provide a wide variety of benefits. Because Testosterone is such a potent and omnipresent hormone, it provides benefits all throughout the body.

It speeds up metabolism, making it easier to maintain or improve body composition and burn body fat. Testosterone Injections also increase the body's ability to sustain and build muscle mass.

It sustains muscle mass even without exercise, but by combining it with a healthy exercise regimen, it is possible to amplify the muscle-building power.

There is also evidence that Low-T Treatments, including injections, have the ability to support optimal cognitive and emotional health as well.

Testosterone Injection Therapy also improves sexual health to a potentially remarkable degree, especially for patients that are experiencing a decline in quality of life directly associated with their loss of sexual ability. Testosterone has the ability to increase libido and augments sexual function.

Many men that don't appropriately respond to Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra respond readily to Testosterone Therapy. Some other patients may require both treatments simultaneously to achieve optimal sexual ability.

Testosterone provides its most potent benefits when combined with a lifestyle that puts an emphasis on health and wellness. If you want to make the most out of your Low-T Therapy, it is recommended to exercise regularly and prioritize healthy eating and healthy living.

Types of Testosterone Injection for Men

Testosterone Decanoate – This form of Testosterone is the longest-acting of the commonly prescribed Testosterone Injection Treatments. A single injection of this compound remains active in the bloodstream for two weeks to a full month.

Evidence suggests, however, that Testosterone concentrations fall off rather steadily after two weeks, which means that the patient will likely need to administer an injection every two to three weeks to maintain steady hormone levels.

Testosterone Cypionate – This is the most commonly used form of Low-T Injection in the United States. It has a half-life of around 12 days, and is designed to be injected once every seven to fourteen days. Because of its relatively long duration, it is the most popular Testosterone Injection in America.

It is preferred by many to Testosterone Decanoate because it supplies a more steady and predictable pattern of Testosterone, and also allows the prescribing physician to adjust the treatment more readily in the instance of side-effects.


Testosterone Enanthate – This is the most common form of Testosterone Injection globally, although it is very rarely used in the United States, which opts for its cousin, Testosterone Cypionate. The only difference between Cypionate and Enanthate is a single Carbon molecule added to the ester.

Enanthate has 7 carbons, whereas Cypionate has 8 carbons. Although this means that Cypionate remains active very slightly longer, in terms of Testosterone Replacement Therapy, the two medications are interchangeable.

Testosterone Propionate – Testosterone Propionate is the smallest common Testosterone Ester used for Low-T Injection. This form of Testosterone is delivered two to three times per week.

Although it is not as popular as Testosterone Cypionate, it is associated with a lower level of water retention since it stays in the system for a shorter period of time, making it popular among people interested in gaining muscle mass.


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