Testosterone treatment no won't hurt your heart, Intermountain Medical Center study finds

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The study should allay concerns among doctors prescribing the treatment, Anderson said. The Intermountain teams observations show that its safe to build testosterone up to reasonable levels, as long as patients stop there.

"It seems like going to a normal level, but not a super high level, would be the thing to do," he said by phone from Chicago, where researchers presented their findings to American Heart Association officers Tuesday.

The team studied medical records of about 7,700 men ages 53-71 who had low starting levels of testosterone. They looked at data taken one year after treatment began and again at the three-year mark.

Men undergoing the treatment appeared to have lower rates of major cardiac events, suggesting that the supplement could reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke.

"It may even be preventative," Anderson said.

But thats not definitive. "We dont think the data is strong enough to say it reduces your risk," he said.

The Intermountain team is seeking funding to study random samples of patients. Such a project could help determine whether testosterone is linked to a reduced risk of heart attack.



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Testosterone treatment no won't hurt your heart, Intermountain Medical Center study finds

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