Tongkat Ali – Does this Testosterone Boosting Herbal Supplement Actually Work?

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on October 27th, 2022
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Many people prefer to seek relief through natural remedies. While some herbal treatments are highly effective, others leave much to be desired. One herbal remedy that's getting talked about a lot these days is Tongkat Ali. Tongkat Ali is a flowering shrub that is endemic to Southeast Asia. The scientific name for this plant is Eurycoma longifolia, and it is also known as longjack or pasak bumi.

When used as a supplement in the West, it will most likely be labeled Tongkat Ali. The roots are considered the medically beneficial part of the plant and have long been used as a natural means to treat fevers, infections, and impotence. Interest in Tongkat Ali has increased dramatically in the United States and Europe as speculation grows regarding its potential to help develop lean muscle, boost libido, control stress, and bolster Testosterone Levels.

Studies that Support Benefits of Tongkat Ali

While there is research into the effects of Tongkat Ali, there isn't currently a whole lot to go on. There are some animal studies available and a small number of human studies. These studies have shown the potential for Tongkat Ali to provide some benefits, including better erections and increased sex drive. There's also evidence that the supplement has positive psychological effects.

One of the studies that show the potential of Tongkat Ali was revealed in 2013. The study included 32 men and 31 women and documented a 37% Testosterone boost after one month. A second study published in Andrologia tested Tongkat Ali on 32 young men. In this study, the guys experienced increases in both Free and Total Testosterone, amounting to 34% and 15%. Other research reports benefits such as stimulated libido, relief from fatigue, improved mood, and reduced stress.

Skepticism Regarding Tongkat Ali

Of course, those are just a few human studies, none of which had a large number of participants. While these studies show that Tongkat Ali isn't just snake oil, they don't exactly showcase the full potential or lack of potential regarding the herbal supplement. There's also concern regarding the long-term risk of unintended side effects from Tongkat Ali.

While many prefer natural cures to those made in a lab, there is far more scientific data regarding Testosterone Therapy than there likely ever will be for Tongkat Ali. Studies have shown that some of the side effects associated with Tongkat Ali are restlessness, insomnia, and even anxiety. That's right; some people may experience increased anxiety instead of the relief they expect.

Also, if you're looking to boost Testosterone with Tongkat Ali, it's important to recognize that the effects on Testosterone Levels may not meet your specific needs. For men with Low-T, the best results should put Testosterone in the normal and healthy range. Too much Testosterone could lead to health risks, and too little will provide insufficient relief.

How to Get Trusted Relief from Low Testosterone

If you're just looking for a little pick-me-up or want to do some short-term experimentation, Tongkat Ali might be worth a try, but it should be done under the advice and supervision of a medical professional. If you're looking for long-term relief from Testosterone Deficiency, however, better options are probably available. Hormone Replacement Therapy with Testosterone is highly standardized with decades of research. Dedicated professionals are always available to offer measured relief from hormone imbalance.

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