Urologist discusses testosterone treatment

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By KXAN News Published: Sunday, March 23, 2014, 11:35 am Related Content

Youve probably seen the commercials about testosterone and how it can give guys the boost they need but there are risks. Dr. Koushik Shaw with the Austin Urology Institute joined Erin Cargile on KXAN News Today Sunday to explain.

A recent medical study found that taking testosterone can raise the rate of heart attacks in men over 65 and in younger men with heart disease. Other studies show that testosterone supplementation in diabetics may improve their diabetic control, perhaps by increasing metabolism, decreasing fat weight and increasing body muscle percentage.

The FDA has launched a study looking into testosterone supplementation.

Dr. Shaw says a qualified urologist should do a full screening and checkup before prescribing patients a testosterone drug. Other methods of treating low testosterone include exercise, losing weight and cutting back on alcohol, according to Shaw. Findings presented at the annual meeting of the Endocrine Society in 2012 show that obese men who lost an average of 17 pounds saw their testosterone levels increase by 15%.

Doctors say the most well recognized symptom of low testosterone is reduced or loss of libido. They say it can also lead to a reduction in quality of life and a reduction in the quality of relationships. Low testosterone can also result in a loss of self esteem and confidence.

See more about treatment for low testosterone, and the potential risks involved, in the video attached to this story.

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Urologist discusses testosterone treatment

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