how to have acne free face for teenager-acne free face for teenager – Video

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how to have acne free face for teenager-acne free face for teenager someone who want know how to have Acne free face for teenager is a dream for millions of teens every year. Most teenagers will experience some form of acne outbreak before their sixteenth birthday and some will even experience this condition as early as age twelve. For many others, acne may continue on late into their adult life, causing many adults to dream for acne free skin as well. Some individuals experience severe outbreaks of acne while others only experience mild cases of acne. This difference seems to be determined as a result of the body chemistry and genetic makeup of each individual. To understand how to achieve acne free skin, you must first understand what causes acne. Our bodies produce more of the hormone testosterone as we go through puberty. As our skin converts this hormone it causes our skin to secrete oil with bacteria from our body. One of the body #39;s ways of eliminating bacteria is through secretion. When this oil, mixed with bacteria, becomes blocked in the skin #39;s pores, it keeps dead skin cells from shedding. The dead skin cells will block the pores and become infected and cause pimples to appear. While trying to achieve acne free skin, there are a variety of treatment options available to remedy the acne condition. Many of the over the counter type treatments might actually help you gain control over the outbreaks and possibly eliminate them. The biggest factor to consider is your skin type and your individual body chemistry that you ...

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how to have acne free face for teenager-acne free face for teenager - Video

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