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Low on Testosterone? No Problem!

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Published on February 10th, 2020

man grabbing fat rollsSigns of Low Testosterone Some men have a lower-than-normal testosterone level without signs or symptoms. For others, low testosterone may cause: - Changes in sexual function. This may include reduced sexual desire, fewer spontaneous erections -- such as during sleep -- and infertility. - Changes in sleep patterns. Sometimes low testosterone causes insomnia or other sleep disturbances. - Physical changes. Various physical changes are possible, including increased body fat, reduced muscle bulk and strength, and decreased bone density. Swollen or tender breasts and hair loss are likely. You may experience hot flashes and have less energy than you used to. - Emotional changes. Low testosterone may contribute to a decrease in motivation or self-confidence. You may feel sad or depressed or have trouble concentrating or remembering things. It's important to note that some of these signs and symptoms are a normal part of aging. Others can be caused by various underlying factors, including medication side effects, thyroid problems, depression, and excessive alcohol use. A blood test is the only way to diagnose a low testosterone level. He Didn't Feel Right -- "Just Lethargy, Feeling Run-Down, not Sleeping Well." Smith, a former vice and narcotics officer in Colorado Springs, had hit … Read more »

NATESTO (testosterone) Nasal Spray

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on October 31st, 2019

On each valid NATESTO prescription or refill, we would like to offer 5% discount. The patient is responsible for any balance remaining, and for reporting receipt of this coupon benefit. Offer only valid for male or female patients over age 30 who will pay out of pocket. Offer good only in USA and void where prohibited by law, taxed, or restricted. … Read more »

Treatment for male menopause

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Published on September 17th, 2019

Older unhappy man drinking excessivelyLike many men over 50, Chuck Mitzelfeld felt himself slowing down. He blamed the 60-plus-hour work weeks he puts in as a chiropractor. "After I turned 50, I just felt tired all the time," he said. While Chuck was helping others heal, he was feeling his zest for life slipping away. "I felt that it was probably because of stress and possibly even depression." Chuck was experiencing a common symptom many men his age go through: male menopause or "man-o-pause," a dramatic drop in testosterone levels as men age. "In a way, our bodies are like a car. Both need a little help as they age, but don't slam on the brakes. A doctor can help you get it in gear and get back on the road again." "More doctors should be looking for it," said Dr. Jerry Singer, a Wellington urologist.  "Only about 10 percent of men who have a low testosterone level are actually being tested. Singer says he'll test patients for low testosterone when they complain about feeling fatigued, depressed or have lost their libido. The treatments include injections, a gel, or a patch. "So it's not just a male problem, by the way; it's a couple of problems … Read more »

Testosterone levels seen prior to birth in fetus’ fingers, jawline

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on September 18th, 2019

male finger lengthA close look at a newborn's hand can show much testosterone the child was subjected to while in the womb, new research has found. A child’s index finger to the ring finger ratio plays a role in the shape of a face – and it can be seen even before a boy hits puberty. Digit ratio is non-invasive and easy to measure and has the potential to provide clues about an individual's prenatal history. Research: The study found that if the index finger is the same size or longer than the ring finger, the child is more likely to have a narrower chin and a more feminine face The research found that if the index finger is the same size or longer than the ring finger, the child is more likely to have a narrower chin and a more feminine face. But if the index finger is shorter, the boy’s face will be rounder and have a more masculine look. Researcher Sonja Windhager, an anthropologist at the University of Vienna, told LiveScience: 'The overall shape patterns associated with high and low digit ratios depicted in our sample of boys closely resemble the ones found for adult men'. She added: 'In … Read more »

Ensuring The Safety of Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Men

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on September 11th, 2019

Young doctor writing on a notepad 300x200Late last year, an article was published by the Journal of the American Medical Association that suggested Testosterone Restoration was associated with an increased risk of stroke, heart attack, and general mortality in males suffering from Low-T. Mainly as a result of this study, the FDA now requires that all Testosterone Therapy Manufacturers clearly note these potential risks associated with therapy on every dose of Testosterone Treatment. There's no reason to have issues with the FDA in this case because that's a reasonable step to take, but the study which precipitated this change in Testosterone labeling was highly flawed, and an example of media entities taking surveys in a vacuum and treating them as the definitive word on a particular treatment. We might want to be skeptical or "trust but verify" by looking at other studies, because according to some studies, 1/3rd of men who suffer from heart attacks have low testosterone levels. JAMA Testosterone Study Flawed In reality, this Testosterone Study is highly flawed, at least when considered as a potential indictment against Low-T Treatment for men suffering from Testosterone Deficiency and Andropause. There's even the risk that this study could lead patients who could seriously benefit from this … Read more »

Anakinra May Improve Testosterone Levels in Patients with Metabolic Syndrome

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on September 9th, 2019

lazy man eating junk food 300x200While Age-Related Andropause is a leading contributor to Low-T, there are many other factors which contribute to the suppression of Testosterone Levels, such as Obesity, Sedentary Lifestyle, Smoking, and more. And also, because there is a variety of contributing factors to Testosterone Deficiency, there is a range of treatment options available, dependent upon the sources of Testosterone Suppression. Another condition which leads to Testosterone Deficiency is Metabolic Syndrome. Metabolic Syndrome is a condition exemplified by constant mild inflammation that leads to issues such as weight gain, high blood sugar, hypertension, and reduced cholesterol balance. This condition is dangerous because it increases the risk of stroke and heart attack, and it also degrades merely the quality of life. What Is Anakinra? Metabolic Syndrome is treated with Anti-Inflammatory Drugs, one of which is known as Anakinra. Anakinra is a Recombinantly Derived medical treatment which is the functional analog of naturally occurring enzyme which blocks Human Interleukin-1 activity. It is commonly used as a rheumatoid arthritis treatment but is utilized in the treatment of other, inflammatory issues. At ENDO 2018, Dr. Fahim Ebrahimi presented the results of a recent study which analyzed how Therapeutic Anakinra affected the Testosterone Levels of patients struggling with … Read more »

Thirteen Reasons That You May be Losing Your Sex Drive

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on September 9th, 2019

Young happy couple in the winter 300x197Sex is one of the things that help maintain a healthy relationship, but there are a lot of factors which get in the way of a healthy sex drive and can get in the way of your most intimate connection with your partner. Here are thirteen factors which can inhibit your libido and damage your sex life. Romantic Troubles Inhibit Sex Drive This may seem like a no-brainer, but if you are having relationship issues with your lover, this rift can lead to severe problems with your libido. Maintaining an intimate connection with your partner is a big part of lighting the spark of passion. If your interest in sex has waned recently, take stock of your relationship with your partner, and make sure that your sexual lack of interest isn't resulting from issues that you are having with your partner. There are a lot of ways to restore passion in a cooling relationship, however. Make an effort to talk to your partner about the issues that you are having, and make an effort to be more open and honest. If you feel that the problems that are affecting your relationship may be more complicated than you or your partner … Read more »

New Study Finds That Testosterone Does Not Increase Cardiovascular Risk

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on September 9th, 2019

Research team looking at test tube 300x200New Study Finds That Testosterone Does Not Increase Cardiovascular Risk For a long time, men with predispositions to cardiovascular complication have been warned that Testosterone Therapy may increase the risk of some dangerous heart conditions. In addition to this, many men that undergo heart failure or other high-risk cardiovascular complications are often put on drugs which inhibit the ability to produce Testosterone, to protect the patient. New research points out that, although this advice was intended in the best interest of the patient, Testosterone may not raise cardiovascular risk in vulnerable patients. Other recent studies have shown that men with higher Testosterone Levels naturally have stronger hearts, but it was still believed that Testosterone could be a hindrance when issues with the cardiovascular system arise. No Link Established Between Heart Attacks and Testosterone A recent study analyzed the data of twenty-four thousand male Medicaid Patients, and could not find a link between their use of Bio-Identical Testosterone and the incidence of heart attack among the patients. Medicaid and Medicare are valuable tools for medical analysis, because such a large number of Americans use the same plan, and the government can analyze health records in a very uniform fashion. Many Used … Read more »

Baby Boomers find “The Fountain of Youth” in Testosterone

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on September 9th, 2019

the fountain of youth 300x225For thousands of years, explorers, beginning with Ponce de Leon, have been searching for the "Fountain of Youth." Legend has it the elusive fountain contains a restorative source that brings endless vitality to those who imbibe from its pool. No one knows if the fountain exists, or what the source of its restorative power is. It's been called everything from the "water of life" to the "elixir of immortality."   These days, anti-aging specialists simply refer to it as "T." You'd think T, or testosterone, was pure magic from its highly touted benefits: a blast of increased energy, razor-sharp mental focus, blowtorch fat, piling on muscle, the ability to induce deep, restorative sleep and a raging libido. But experts say altering your body's natural hormone levels can be risky if not done correctly. As more FDA-approved products hit the market, the baby boomer generation is living up to its reputation as the “eternally young” generation and jumping on the anti-aging bandwagon. In 2011, consumers spent approximately $1.6 billion on Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT), almost triple the amount spent in 2006, according to market research company IMS Health. Dr. Harvey Bartnof is the founder of the California Longevity & Vitality Medical … Read more »

Testosterone for Women: Is it an Option Worth Considering?

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on September 9th, 2019

active young woman completing a run 300x200Testosterone Therapy has been one of the most talked-about treatments both in the United States and across the western world. Testosterone Deficiency is becoming commonly recognized among men as one of the leading barriers which prevent a patient from achieving long-term health and vitality, and evidence continues to mount that Low-T Therapy with Patches, Creams, and Injections are a highly effective means to establish health and virility among male patients with Testosterone Deficiency. Of course, there is also growing evidence that women can benefit from Testosterone. Women have used Hormone Replacement Therapy for decades as a means to mitigate the effects of Menopause and the Hormone Deficiencies that occur as a result of “the change.” Evidence in recent years accumulates that many of the issues that women experience as they grow older are not merely the result of changes in the feminine hormones, but as a result of declining Testosterone Production as well. Wait — Women Need Testosterone Too? Women produce Testosterone throughout their lives, just as men produce low levels of Estrogen. Women need around 1/10th as much Testosterone as men, but it still serves a variety of essential purposes. It stimulates metabolism, improves bone mineral density, and preserves … Read more »

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