Kiwi women prescribed testosterone

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HORMONE IMBALANCE? Testosterone treatments have been shown to improve mood and libido.

Loss of libido after menopause seems a fact of life for some women. But treating this loss of desire with testosterone treatments is one of the touchiest subjects in the health field.

See, testosterone that most manly of hormones is also produced by women in small amounts. It's thought to play a role in improving mood, assertiveness, energy, bone density and muscle strength. But its most famous and best-studied role in women is its contribution to sexual arousal.

As women age, testosterone levels drop. Whether or not reduced testosterone production is directly linked to reduced libido is a bit unclear, but studies have shown that supplemental testosterone can revive arousal in women post-menopause or post oophorectomy (removal of ovaries), and can improve quality of life.

It's also been shown to improve the sex lives of women on anti-depressants whose libido can suffer with long-term use of those medications.

But for all the trials and research so far, the jury's still out on whether the benefits of testosterone treatment for women outweigh the risks.

More research is needed into long-term effects on body composition, bone density, cardiovascular health and cancer risk. And evidence shows that doses of testosterone that are too high can lead to male characteristics, such as increased facial hair.

And as things stand despite much confusion on the issue testosterone is not approved for use in women in New Zealand.

But that doesn't mean women can't get it. And they are.


Kiwi women prescribed testosterone

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