Hormone Levels in Men

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on December 4th, 2023
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Hormone Levels in Men

For men the levels of their main hormones can mean the difference between a life full of energy, virility, and contentedness and a life of obesity, sloth, and disease. I know this sounds dramatic but it really is true. As your testosterone and growth hormone levels decline so does every masculine trait that defines being a man. If you want to maintain a fulfilling life where you're ready to take on any challenge and pursue any opportunity you need to address the inevitable decline of hormone levels that occurs in men as they pass 30 and enter mid-life.

Testosterone Hormone Levels in MenNormal testosterone levels in men during the peak of their natural life is 1000ng with 300pg of free testosterone. Here's a breakdown of the decline that men suffer as they age:

Testosterone Levels By Age Male

Hormonal Decline by Age:

AgeFree T(pg)Total T(ng)

As you can see between the ages of 20 and 30 you lose 15-20% of your free testosterone and 10-15% of your total testosterone. This is a small drop but it will still affect your life. Getting out of bed will be harder, recovering after an intense workout takes longer and the soreness is more severe, you might even notice your sexual abilities might not be the same as they were when you're 20.

Testosterone molecule levels in menFrom 30-40 years of age you see the biggest percentage drop in both free and total testosterone, roughly a 40% drop in each. This is the drop you'll notice the most. This is the drop that will either make or break you. You'll either see the writing on the wall and make an appointment to see one of our doctors and become proactive in addressing this issue or you'll succumb to decline and accept it as 'just part of life'. From here on out it's all down hill for you as the longer you wait to get started on your hormone replacement therapy the harder it will be for you to claw your way back from the brink of infirmity and senility.

Between the age of 40 and 50 the decline will begin to fall off, with only a 30% decline in free and total testosterone. At this point you're down to only 1/3 of the free and total testosterone you had at age 20, meaning you had 3 times as much testosterone hormone coursing through your veins when you were 20. By now you're living one of 2 lives, depending on the choices you made when you were 30-35. If you chose to take charge of your life then you've began a course or hormone treatments, whether you chose injections, gels and creams, or patches, then your life is probably going very well, maybe even much better than you'd expected based on witnessing the decline of other men in your life as they entered old age and began andropause. Your sex life with your wife is still steaming, you are the envy of much younger men at the gym, and your career is still advancing forward at a smooth clip. On the other hand if didn't see your doctor and you haven't begun any treatment for your declining levels then your situation probably isn't going so well. Your wife isn't getting what she needs from you, and might even be getting it elsewhere. You haven't seen the gym in 10 years even though you won't admit it and still get that $47 charge to your credit card "just in case you feel up to going." Work has plateaued and you're too worn down to care that you're stuck in middle management at a company you can't stand with no hope of getting out of the situation.

Stay young and athletic by maintaining high levels of testosteroneI know this sounds dramatic and maybe even cliche but it's the truth. Cliches don't magically manifest themselves. The come from our culture, from our lives, and the lives of those around us.

From 50-60 there's another 40% drop in both free and total testosterone levels but at this point your levels are so low you can't tell the difference. From 60-70 the drop is smaller, 15% and 33% free and total. Between 70 and 80 you get another 40% drop. At this point you only have 10% of the testosterone you had at 20. You used to have 10 times as much but now it's gone. Unless you do the right thing and address andropause early on in life this is what you have to look forward to.

If you're ready to take charge of your life and take the path towards a long and fruitful life without the dreads of aging and decline then please give us a call or fill out the form on the right and make an appointment with one of our doctors today!

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