Testosterone and Body Building

Posted by Dr. Michael White, Updated on December 14th, 2023
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Testosterone and Bodybuilding

Making the body proportionally shaped and fit is termed as body building. Body building is not limited to outer fitness it has an impact on the mind and soul too. There was a time when only celebrities and show business people used to visit the gym and other body building practices. Now days all of us irrespective of age group and other factors have an appetite to look fabulous and attractive. Looking good brings an ample amount of confidence and attitude which is extremely required to place yourself in such competitive world. If you are fat, and badly shaped people will avoid you and you will be less inevitable in the social parties.

Testosterone and Body Building ExercisingGone are the days when only girls used to bother about owning a tempting and slim body. Now even boys are rushing more towards the body building programs and are far more willing to look fabulous and attractive. There are many ways to get a fit body but to get a muscular body although a gym is the ultimate place. There is no single way to guarantee body building but yes everyone has to search their way and suitability too. So no one can own a substantial body in a couple of days, it’s a gradual process and comes after doing regular workouts in a disciplined manner. Well other things have to be taken care of like proper sleep and nutrition level in the body. The most influential factor to enhance your muscle size and strength is played by testosterone.

Testosterone is not an extremely common and known word but men who are working out and looking for a muscular physique, have to understand the role of testosterone in the human body. For bodybuilders, testosterone is one of the key hormones to lift up the muscles and for getting into shape. You have to know your testosterone level to find the right treatment accordingly.

Testosterone and Body Building MoleculeTestosterone in men is nothing but a chemical which is responsible for the development of reproductive tissues, such as the testis and prostate as well as it promotes the muscle and bone mass. The adequate amount of testosterone is advantageous for the sound health and well being.

The effects of testosterone can be classified into anabolic and virilizing. For bodybuilding, the anabolic effect is helpful because it helps in growth of muscle mass, increase bone density and strength. We can always trace the news that some famous celebrity has developed six pack abs in just one month. The reason behind it is attaining the required level of testosterone in the body while considering all the other factors. For getting six pack abs, you need to do two things, lose the extra fat and build muscle. Well subtracting the extra and unwanted fat can be easily done by getting strict on diet and doing regular exercise. The difficult part is to build muscle.

At times, you will see people working extremely hard still not able to get a muscular body that’s the deficiency of testosterone in the body. Men have to be extremely careful about the testosterone level in their body even they do not want to build the body; it has several other effects on them. Testosterone is responsible for the normal sperm development and is the regulator of cognitive and physical energy.

Testosterone and Body Building DoctorNow the most valuable thing that you should know is how would you know if you had low testosterone levels? What are the resulting symptoms? Low testosterone levels affect the men's health in almost each and every aspect, and it does create serious and long term health problems. The common symptoms are mental fogginess, depression, concentration problem, anxiety, muscle loss and decreased facial hair. It has been noticed that when you are running with low testosterone, you will not care for anything much. The pleasure of achieving anything or the sorrow of losing anything will be extremely less. The energy level will be reduced, and you will feel lazy all the time. Rush to the doctor you have such symptoms and get your blood tested. The level of 350 is considered to be a considerable amount of testosterone, and if it is less it’s going to create problems in the long term.

The ignorance of low testosterone can be extremely harmful for men in the long term. It is extremely disheartening to note that the maximum of guys do nothing about it, continue living their life with low energy, erectile dysfunction, loss of public hair and reduced sexual endurance. Thanks to the body building organizations, they make the guys aware of the other benefits too apart from the attractive and muscular physique.

So to own a muscular body guy has to have the adequate amount of testosterone levels. How to raise testosterone levels? What are safer ways to increase testosterone in the body? The normal range of testosterone in the bloodstream is 350 to 000 ng/dl. Below 350 is a matter to worry, and time to do something to raise the testosterone level. It is strange but yes to increase your testosterone level you have to decrease your belly fat. It has been seen that extra fat elevates the estrogen level and that makes the level of testosterone sink. So, take the first step of having desirable body and reduce your extra fat deposited over the belly. You have to exercise sufficiently to maintain the right testosterone level. Your workout should involve heavy exercise like weight lifting and pushups. The basic idea is to increase the stamina level and the testosterone level will be enhanced automatically. The best exercise to promote the testosterone level is squats, bench presses or back rows. It has been proved that these exercises are more helpful than doing regular biceps curls or triceps pushdown, even though the effort is alike.

So it’s extremely easy, get your testosterone level checked so you can proceed to working out adequately. Eventually, you will be rewarded with a strong, muscular body with desired six pack abs. For a guy, having a right level of testosterone it is inevitable to live his life with an enviable muscular body and strength.

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